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How to start a business or company in China

start a business or company in china

  This article is complete guide how to start a business or company in China, how to register a business or company in China, how to form a business or company in China, how to open a business or company in China. China can be an overwhelming country location to establishing business or company. China financial stability makes best & attractive option to invest in China those who want to start a business or company in China. Start a business or company in China You can start or open different types of business entities (Representative Office in China or China Liaison...

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Custom Notice for China Import Regulation & Foreign Trade Company

China Working Visa Service | Foreigner’s Work Permit for China | Family Visa

Custom Notice for China Import Regulation & Foreign Trade Company in China. From June 1, 2018, the overseas sending of products should be filled with the unified social credit code of the actual consignee and notifier in China. Attention for foreign trade company, the general administration of customs made announcement in late November 2017 # 56 - about adjusting sea air inbound and outbound means of transport, the announcement regarding matters related to manifest regulation, and the announcement will be in June 1, 2018 formally implemented according to China import regulation. The announcement to enter the port cargo operation key...

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China cut import tariffs on 187 consumer goods

china cut tariffs on 187 consumer goods

China Cuts Import Tariffs on 187 Consumer Goods China has cut import traffic on 187 consumer goods with a provisional tax rate with the average tax rate falling from 17.29% to 7.73%. Among them, the tax rate of "vermouth wine and fresh grapes" fell the most, from 65% to 14 %. Suits, casual suits, electric razors, coffee machines, electric smart toilet seats, and pokok pecan have all been reduced by 15% or more. In addition, special infant formula, baby diapers and diapers have been adjusted to zero tax rate. To speak of imported goods within the quota, cross-border e-commerce has...

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China’s Financial Industry is Accelerating

taxation advisory in china

The Opening Up of China's Financial Industry is Accelerating. In 2nd May 2018, the China Financial Industry is Accelerating, The CBRC has formally approved ICBC-AXA Life Insurance Co., Ltd. This is the first domestic Joint Venture capital management company approved since the opening of the financial industry. The same day, the People's Bank of China received the British cross-border credit enterprise "World First” application to the third payment market. It means China's third-party payment field is also open to foreign investment. The People’s Bank received world leading company Experian application for doing business in China, Credit markets start to embrace...

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Opportunities for Investment in the Midwest Countries

Opportunities for Investment in the Midwest Countries

New Opportunities for Investment in the Midwest Countries The implementation of the strategy of opening up to the outside world and the large number of foreign investment enterprises have entering into China, and the structure of import and export commodities in Inner Mongolia has been further optimized, and the level of economic and trade cooperation with Russia has been continuously improved. China's policy for encourage foreign investment will not change, and the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of foreign invested enterprises will not change, and the direction of providing better services for enterprises in China will not change....

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China cut tariffs on import goods to boost investment

China cut traiff on import goods

 China cut tariffs on import goods to boost investment With the development of the Cross-Border Electronic Commerce (CBEC) and reduction in tariff rate on imported goods, number of high-quality consumer goods from all over the world has increased in China. Meanwhile tariff on import has reduced a lot. With effect from 1st May 2018, the import tariff on 28 drugs, including cancer drugs, was announced to be removed. And the import tariff on cars shall also drop considerably. According to customs department estimate, the 16% VAT rate introduced on May 1 2018, will be reduced by more than 100 billion yuan...

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China Foreign investment facilitation in FTZ will gradually expand to the whole country

Foreign investment facilitation in China

  China Foreign investment facilitation in FTZ will gradually expand to the whole country. The director of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) from the 13th National People's Congress said that China's investment will increase this year. This year, we will further revise the negative list of foreign investment, promote investment facilitation, simplify the procedures for foreign investment enterprises, and constantly improve the policy of attracting investment. Substantial relaxation of market access in improving the investment environment. In 2018, the National Development and Reform Commission will jointly with the departments concerned under the state council to revise foreign investment...

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China unveils tax exemption to attract foreign investment

tax benefits

China offers tax breaks to foreign firms in bid to boost investment, counter US incentives ! China is offering a tax break to foreign companies to try and persuade them to remain in the country after the GOP tax plan created new incentives to bring more businesses to the U.S.   The news comes as the Chinese government is moving to attract foreign investors after a host of countries unveiled similar measures to lure foreign and domestic investment.  

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Profitable Online Business Ideas You Can Start in China ?

online business in china

Here are some most profitable online business ideas in China to inspire your entrepreneurial passion. Starting a business in China can be fun and much easier. You can quickly start an online business and run it with very little cost. Chinese Web Design Business Chinese Social Media Consultant Business Coaching Run Your Web Store Source from China and Sell to the World Sell Software / Apps Online Teaching Sell Online Courses Business Consulting Business Management Consultants Company Incorporation in China Did I Miss Anything Good? Share in the comments if I’m missing any awesome profitable and feasible business ideas that you can start!...

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Business opportunities in China for foreigners ?

  China is the best place right now to do business for foreigners in different fields. Jilian Consultants will provide facility to foreigners for how to set up business in china, company formation in china, company incorporation in china and company registration in china with expert team of foreign business consultants worldwide offices. We will guide you - How does a foreigner start up a business in China? How to set up a company in china as a foreign? How to get a business license in china?  How to get a china business registration certificate?  How to incorporating a company...

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