Business opportunities in China for foreigners ?

China is the best place right now to do business for foreigners in different fields. Jilian Consultants will provide facility to foreigners for how to set up business in china, company formation in china, company incorporation in china and company registration in china with expert team of foreign business consultants worldwide offices. We will guide you –

  1. How does a foreigner start up a business in China?
  2. How to set up a company in china as a foreign?
  3. How to get a business license in china?
  4.  How to get a china business registration certificate?
  5.  How to incorporating a company in china?
  6.  How to start a company in China?
  7.  What kind business opportunities in china for foreigners?

Mainly in China foreigners can do so many business

  1. Online Shops, Trading Platforms Shop
  2.  Chinese Online Marketing
  3.  Provide education services
  4.  Online Business / Services
  5.  Teaching English in China
  6.  Online Education
  7.  Travel/Tourism Business
  8.  Import and Export Business
  9.  Start supplying health products
  10.  Pharmaceutical company
  11.  Mobile phones and accessories
  12.  Jewelry production