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How to set up/register/form a manufacture/factory/workshop in China?

It’s not easy to set up a manufacture/factory/workshop in China. Our advice is you better to find a professional expert to support you which will save you much time and money. Here is for you to review the procedure:

I. Selection of factory address

Foreigners also could rent a land in China (Time depends on different SEZ or states) for business use. Even Chinese only own 70 years right to use the land, the property right on land is only owned by the government.

You also may rent a factory which already built. That will be easier for a start.

II. Factory approvals

We list part of check list here for reference. For more detailed documents please send us an email to info@ijilian.cn / info@jilianconsultants.cn or contact us by phones: + 86 21 6142 1499

  1. Evaluation of factory environment
  2. Project approvals from National Development and Reform Commission
  3. Project approval from Planning Department
  4. Geological hazard assessment report
  5. Construction land survey and delimitation report
  6. Land deed certificate
  7. Environmental protection certificate

III. Registration in Industry and Commercial Bureau 

  1. Name checking ( Six Chinese names every check)
  2. Submit address proof/lease agreement/property license
  3. Submit application of the business license of factory/manufacture

IV. Bank account opening

Once your business license is ready, you may go to open a basic bank account first; also you may also have an USD/Euro bank account later. If you are going to do FDI/paid up capital, you will need a capital account which will not charge any tax.

There are many international banks in china, such as HSBC, Citi Bank, Standard chartered Bank, Bangkok Bank, ICICI Bank, Germany Bank…Also the big four state banks are China Construction Bank, Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, The Agriculture Bank of China.

V. Tax registration

Although currently China business license, tax registration certificate and organization code certificate are combined together, you will also need go to Tax Bureau to explain your business and choose tax payer type.

VI. Other approvals

  1. Import and export card
  2. Card reader for customs
  3. Certificate of export
  4. Certificate of export tax rebate
  5. Paperless certificate of custom report


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