Custom Notice for China Import Regulation & Foreign Trade Company

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Custom Notice for China Import Regulation & Foreign Trade Company in China.

From June 1, 2018, the overseas sending of products should be filled with the unified social credit code of the actual consignee and notifier in China.

Attention for foreign trade company, the general administration of customs made announcement in late November 2017 # 56 – about adjusting sea air inbound and outbound means of transport, the announcement regarding matters related to manifest regulation, and the announcement will be in June 1, 2018 formally implemented according to China import regulation.

The announcement to enter the port cargo operation key embodied in: the influence of adjusting the original manifest data items, the dock planner manifest data items in the “code” consignee, consignor “code” and “notify party code” fulfill requirements, code “consignee” and “shipper code” shall fill in the actual code of the consignee or consignor; If the consignee is “TO ORDER the consignee (TO ORDER)”, the relevant data item of the notifier must be filled in. If you want more Import rules in China, pls contact us.


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