Opportunities for Investment in the Midwest Countries

Opportunities for Investment in the Midwest Countries

New Opportunities for Investment in the Midwest Countries

The implementation of the strategy of opening up to the outside world and the large number of foreign investment enterprises have entering into China, and the structure of import and export commodities in Inner Mongolia has been further optimized, and the level of economic and trade cooperation with Russia has been continuously improved.

China’s policy for encourage foreign investment will not change, and the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of foreign invested enterprises will not change, and the direction of providing better services for enterprises in China will not change. “Three will not change” represents China’s basic attitude towards foreign investment.

China’s National Development and Reform Commission, the ministry of commerce issued the catalog of foreign-funded dominant industries of the Midwest region (revised in 2017), further expand the scope of the Midwest regions foreign investment, and to give preferential policies to encourage investment. Foreign investment welcomes new opportunities for industrial transfer and upgrading in China.

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