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Payroll Service

We could provide a full set of package of China Payroll Services, China Payroll Calculations, Business China in China  with our professional experience. Jilian Consultants payroll services in China can provide you with the ability to manage every point of payroll problems faithfully.

Regulated by the labor law, the enterprise shall pay the employee’s basic salary and also the security insurance. If you hire a Chinese employee, it is mandatory to pay Social Insurance for them. Housing Fund is not mandatory, but a warfare for employees.

About payroll service, once the employee’s basic salary is higher than 3500 Rmb, they will need to pay the individual income tax. As so, Special salary plan will be required for the company financial budget. According to the employees’ willingness, we could make feasible taxation solutions and other salary plan.

We could help to pay the salary to the target account monthly on agreed date. And also we could establish the related record or financial list as request.

China Payroll Services, China Payroll Calculations, Business China

The individual income tax declaration:

Individual income tax is belonging to the local financial system.

  1. According to the taxation regulation, it will be required to do tax calculation before taxation declaration
  2. We could provide the service of Tax declaration, which can be divided into two parts: Tax comprehensive declaration and tax detailed declaration.
  3. Once personal tax declaration finished, we could assist in obtain the tax declaration certification.
  4. If the employee annual salary is higher than 120000, it will be required to do the annual taxes report verification on the taxation office. Also, we could provide this service on behalf companies.
  5. We could also provide the service of other payroll related consultancy.

China Payroll Services, China Payroll Calculations, Business China

Jilian Consultants payroll specialist could help you to ease the payroll headache in the following cities of China Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, with Jilian Consultants accounting outsourcing services and payroll services, you could focus on your key business in China with less management and headcount.

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