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Trading Company

China Trading Import Export Company Registration & Formation

Opening a China Trading Import Export Company in China is simple, a WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise) is also called the limited-liability type company. To establish a Trading company, we need an Import & Export license then we can import & export goods out of china. To get back VAT mostly companies open their trading company for reclaim their VAT. The Shanghai free-trade Zone is one of the fastest places in China to get your VAT back thus many companies choose to register in Shanghai.

Trading is the act of buying and selling products, or services, for the sake of profit. Therefore, it could indeed be said that a manufacturer, is also a trading company – assuming they actually sell their produce. In this article, however, the term ‘Trading Company’ is not referring to manufacturers – but to Chinese businesses specialized in buying items from manufacturers, and selling them to overseas buyers.

china trading company formation

The registration process for a China Trading Company Registration takes just 30 days with Jilian Consultants China.

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