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Consultancy Company

Consultancy Company Registration Formation China

Jilian Consultants China provide consultancy company registration formation China .

Consulting company define

Consulting company is one of the popular companies type in China. Usually it owes an expert team with professionals in some industry or special areas. It provides professional advice to individual or companies with charging, such as financial, legal, management, and different area.

Currently, there are many good opportunities for consulting area in China, especially consulting in English and other foreign languages. If you are the expert in some special area and speak good foreign languages, such as English, Germany, French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian and so many different languages, you better grasp these changes and start the business in China.

consultancy company registration formation China


Consulting company type

I. Financial Consulting Company

It provides advice’s to individual or companies on financial, accounting, bookkeeping, tax planning, taxation, due diligences, audit, company incorporation, just like Deloitte and Jilian Consultants.

II. Management Consulting Company

It provides advice to companies or government of Market research, price forecast, business diagnosis, profit and loss analysis, sales strategy, business report, product information, sales market analysis report, product quality analysis report, share analysis plan, share distribution plan, investment analysis and so on.

III. Engineering Consulting Company

It provides suggestions on Civil engineering, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Construction, Energy, Transportation and Chemical Engineering.

IV. Technical Consulting Company

It provides advice’s on IT, Internet, Politics, Military and such kind of technical areas.

V. Legal Consulting Company

It provides advice’s to individual or companies on marriage law, company acts, civil law, criminal law, international trade law and so on.

VI. Human Resources Consulting Company

It provides advice’s on employee engagement, compensation, employee benefits, actuarial and retirement, Mergers and acquisitions, talent mobility and so on, such as Manpower.

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