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Company Formation

Jilian Consultants can provide their clients to incorporate various company vehicles such as: China Company Formation, China Company Registration, Accounting & Bookkeeping Services in China, Taxation Advisory Services in China, Trademark Registration in China, Legal Services in China,   CHINA WHOLLY OWNED...

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Taxation Advisory

Jilian Consultants is the best consultancy for taxation advisory, tax & audit services in china provides a wide range of accounting services including bookkeeping, filing business tax return monthly, filing corporate tax return quarterly, individual income tax filing for local and...

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Legal Services

Jilian Consultants is the Best Consultants for China Legal Services & Law, Lawyers and Legal Resources in China. Jilian Consultants provides China Legal services, China Company Formation, Taxation Advisory in China, Virtual office in China, China Trademark Registration, Company Secretarial Service, Payroll Service and...

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Jilian Consultants is a professional and experienced consultancy firm located in Shanghai, providing solutions to its clients worldwide. With our qualified, experienced and multilingual team, we are able to provide assistance in areas of China Company Formation, Registration, Incorporation, Financial Advisory in China, Taxation Advisory in China, Legal Services in China, Trademark Registration in China, Accounting & Tax Services in China, Corporate law and Company Management in China of the highest efficiency and reliability to maximize our clients’ commercial competitiveness whilst minimizing their legal risks.

Jilian Consultants has helped their clients to incorporate companies in various jurisdictions with fast and legal procedures. Jilian Consultants China can provide their clients full scope services including registered address, company secretarial service, bank account opening, local directors and nominee shareholders to meet all the requirements came from the clients. With our offices in Shanghai and overseas, upholding the philosophy of “Always the Best Solution“, we provide company formation in HK, mainland China and overseas company registration for Chinese and foreign investors. Besides our company secretary service can further assist our clients in their subsequent operations.


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Company Registration

Jilian Consultants has been known among global investors for our company incorporation & formation service, trademark registration complemented with comprehensive and sophisticated service networks.

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Accounting & Tax

Jilian Consultants provides a wide range of accounting services including bookkeeping, filing business tax return monthly, filing corporate tax return quarterly, individual income tax filing for local and foreign employees etc ..

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Trademark Registration

Jilian Consultants provides trademark registration services in Shanghai, Tokyo, New Delhi, Mexico City, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo. Jilian Consultants can also assist with trademark and patent registrations services in world wide.

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Financial Advisory

Jilian Consultants providing servicesv overseas professionals with a good knowledge of financial, banking and other areas of expertise, the services of which involve all categories, including corporate finance etc..

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HR & Payroll Services

Jilian’s payroll specialist could help you to ease the payroll headache in the following cities of China Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, with Jilian’s accounting outsourcing services and payroll services etc.

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Joint Venture Incorporation

A Joint Venture shortly referred to as JV, defined as the two companies jointly invested capital generally, own equity stake, share the profits, spending, risk and control of the company respectively.




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